• Eliminates Pocket Clutter
  • Operates One-Handed
  • Prevents Accidental Loss
  • Extends Product Life

  • Eco-conscious

The perfect divot tool for any golfer

Embedded in the back of the 360 ONLY Divot Tool is a super strong rare earth magnet that allows the divot tool to be attached to any metal surface, strongly and securely. In fact the magnet is so strong that it’s magnetic force permeates through the thickness of the divot tool material, allowing any metal ball marker (not just our red ball marker) to be attached to the top of the divot tool. When used with the 360 ONLY hat clip, the divot tool can be worn on the brim of a hat where the divot tool can be removed (one-handed) without taking the hat or hat clip off.

And if you think it is easy to remove, wait till you try to re-attach it. Just bring it into close proximity to the hat clip base (while wearing your hat) and let the magnet pull the divot tool onto the base. That audible click is all you need to hear to know your divot tool has "docked and locked" and you're ready to move on to the next hole!

360 ONLY Magnetic Divot Tool

Divot tool does not need to be detached from hat in order to remove or attach any metal ball marker

Body of divot tool (top) is smooth allowing any metal ball marker to easily slid on and off

And if you’re not up to wearing a hat… don’t worry, we have you covered

The 360 ONLY Magnetic Divot Tool is not limited to the brim of a hat. The super-strong magnet embedded in the divot tool allows the divot tool to attach to any metal surface. This opens up additional uses:

attach divot tool to golf club

For instance, on the head of an iron, wedge or putter. The magnet is sufficiently strong enough to hold the divot tool in place when not being used.

For instance, on any visable metal surface on a golf cart. The magnet is strong enough to hold the divot tool in place as you drive from hole to hole.

Magnet Strength Test Videos

Strength Test Video #1 (turn sound up)

Strength Test Video #2

Why would you want our divot tool?

The 360 ONLY Magnetic Divot Tool is strong enough to stay attached during a normal day on the golf course; especially when teeing off, navigating 18 holes, or just relaxing at the club house. Even throwing your hat to the ground in a fit of frustration after incurring a penalty is safe. The holding power of the rare earth magnet embedded in the divot tool is substantial. In fact, it takes five pounds of pressure, known as the “pull force of a magnet”, to remove the divot tool (directly up and off) from the metal surface of the hat clip. Movement of the divot tool once attached to the hat clip is eliminated not just from the magnet but also the patent pending “dock and lock” design concept that provides additional holding power that minimizes accidental dislodgment resulting in loss of divot tool.

Buzz around the golf course...

Our divot tool works so well that our first Beta Tester is still using the original divot tool given to him when we first hired him to test our product; and he plays a round of golf several times a week if not more. He loves the fact that he doesn’t have to lug a divot tool or ball marker around in his pockets; nor does he have to fish them out when needed. Instead he forgets about them until approaching the green, at which time all he has to do is “grab, pry, use, and replace” (all with one hand); and he’s off to the next hole

We call that a winning testimonial


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